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Climate Risk, Safety Nets, and Household Welfare

This blog focuses on our Fieldwork in Tigray in 2010, which was the fifth round survey to the same 15 communities in the region. Students in our joint Master Program in Development and Natural Resource Economics with four African universities (Mekelle University and Hawassa University in Ethiopia, University of Malawi, and Makerere University in Uganda), funded by NORAD, carried out the fieldwork and will use the data for their MSc-theses. In addition PhD-students and staff use the data in their reseearch on a range of policy issues related to climate risk, land management, land law reforms, food security and safety nets, and household behavior and welfare.

Preparation for fieldwork

Activity update Posted on Mon, May 31, 2010 12:20:33

Hosaena has gone the the field (Mahonee) with the enumerators while the Master students are preparing to join in for the fieldwork from tomorrow. Bethelhem Legesse is supposed to arrive from Addis today. Bethelhem Koru from Mekelle Univ. and previous MSc.-student in the program will also join in the fieldwork. I am working on editing and updating the survey instruments to fit them to the topics chosen by the students and to take into account new changes that are important to take into account. Hosaena came back from the field 10:30 last night (Sunday) and left again (05:00) this morning to follow up the fieldwork. I also stayed in the office the whole day and worked till late on the preparations, so we are not quite loafing around…. Now we hope also to get the students going so that the fieldwork is not delayed and data quality compromized. The students and enumerators will be divided in three groups to survey three villages at the time. Each village should take about one week. Some of them are really remotely located. Typically the local school is then used as the bedroom.

Productive Safety Net Program

Activity update Posted on Mon, May 31, 2010 11:57:48

Teame (MSc-student) and I visited the Regional office for the Productive Safety Net Program this morning to get updated information on the program. They have just launched the new 5 year program with pretty much the same beneficiaries as in the first 5 years. 1.543 million persons are included in the new program. In Tigray 7093 household heads (16000 beneficiaries) have graduated from the (first), that is; achieved an income of 28000 Birr/person/year. These are located i 9 districts (woredas) in Central Zone of Tigray where there are irrigation projects and soils are better. There is a plan to graduate another 6% of the beneficiaries later this year.

A new thing in the new 5 year program is that households are offered to voluntarily participate in a household credit package program where they can get loans for 5 years to invest in livestock, petty trade or weaving. Under the old package the participation and type of credit was not volunatry and that caused problems for vulnerable households who failed to pay back the credit.