The students have now split up in three groups and are surveying three of our sites in Eastern zone in Tigray around Wukro. Each team consists of 5-6 students and 6 enumerators. In each group two of the enumerators collect basic household economy data, two collect farm plot level data including measurement of plots, and two collect health data and knowledge and perception data related to the recent land law reform. In addition we make interviews with different tabia officials using a village level questionnaire, interview Land Administration Committee members about their knowledge of the law and implementation of the new law. We also interview the local representatives for the Productive Safety Net Task Force, the credit and savings institution (DECSI), and local producer cooperative, and judges from the local Social Court and local Land Court. We have develop a guidline for the teams as a checklist to ensure uniformity in approach and data collected.

Today we have also started the data entry and have hired three data entry persons and have two students to will participate in, supervise and monitor the data entry. The aim is that data entry should be made with the same speed as the data collection such that it will be completed soon after the data collection and by the end of July. We have a room in Mekelle University for this. We have also developed a guideline for data entry to ensure data quality and minimize the need for data cleaning later.